Why Do You Homeschool Your Kids?

Oct 17

Why Do You Homeschool Your Kids?

Watch Jane & Nannette clips from their interview answer: “Why did you Homeschool your Kids?”

You can watch the rest of the clips here

The decision to homeschool is a personal one and can be a difficult one. Families choose to homeschool for many different reasons. What made you decide to homeschool your children? Here are some answers from those that are using The Family School Curriculum.

ALISON HOWELLS: I brought my three elementary school children home about 10 days ago, purchased this curriculum online, and dove right in. I can’t believe the difference in our family and in the attitude of my struggling fifth grader. We are really enjoying the lessons. Your multi tasking and scheduling ideas are super helpful to me as I am making such a drastic change from public school life to home school life.

SHALAE TIPPETS: I’ve loved watching the videos, and being reminded what it’s all about. Its’ also given me perspective on how to go about doing this. Thanks so much for doing this, and I’d love any more you’d be able to give too! Some times I just need to watch someone do it, or hear someone explain their method or way of doing things to help it sink in a bit.

DAWN KYKLER: I enjoyed lesson 2, teaching the Scientific Method. We waited for a day that my husband could join us on our lesson (this was his first time being able to do so) so he could participate on the science experiments. He gave great insight at the end of the lesson, recalling the process Joseph Smith experienced as a young boy. He had a question: “Which Church is true?” He researched the book he had, which was the Bible. He found a direction to “ask God”. So Joseph performed the experiment, asking God, and received an amazing answer!

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