Ways to Incorporate Technology for Homeschooling

Apr 10

Ways to Incorporate Technology for Homeschooling

9d1ea624d9e398d7aca9ad8d2d1a7c84899f6e57_largeIn today’s world, we have been provided tools to assist in just about everything. Items we take for granted on a daily basis can be used to increase the success of a homeschooling student. Information is literally at our fingertips as technology is available to lay the groundwork for knowledge and education. There are several ways that we can put this technology to work in order to enhance the educational experience.

1. Smartphone – More than 4 billion smartphones are in circulation around the globe. Since there are only slightly more than 7 billion people on the planet, the odds are pretty good that you or your child has one of these miracle machines. Did you know that there are a variety of free and retail apps available for these devices covering every aspect of education? If there is a subject, there is almost certainly an app for it. These can be used as exam helpers, practice applications, or mobile learning units if you have to take your homeschooling on the road.

2. Tablets – Like the smartphones, tablets have apps available with one important detail. These are usually far larger than the smartphone providing a better view of the material. Tablets are more realistic when it comes to education because of their larger screens. The same apps can be installed on these devices reducing the need for books and printed materials. Entire encyclopedias can be downloaded and installed in minutes. Books covering a wide range of topics can be purchased digitally and your student could be reading the content near immediately. There is no need to wait for the mailman to bring you a purchased book if you simply download it.

3. Television – If you have a television in the home purchased in the last couple of years, there is a good chance it has HDMI. Did you know that you can plug a tablet into a television in order to use it as the display? The same content you have on your tablet can be projected onto your larger television screen. It may even be possible to connect your computer system to your television as well in order to display the larger content which is great if you are homeschooling more than one child.

4. Streaming Media – Services such as Netflix are loaded with historical documentaries and science specials directly from Discovery and History Channel. These are an excellent aid for assisting in studies regarding history and science respectively. They are also a credible source that you don’t have to speculate on the nature or fact of the content. Although there are some credible sources on YouTube and Vimeo, there are also a vast range of conspiracy and falsified information within the likes of these media outlets.

5. Cloud-based Apps – There is a wide variety of cloud-based apps you could use to enhance the learning experience of your homeschooling student. Mindmapping applications can help a student branch what a specific subject could entail, time keeping apps could display the efficiency of time for your student, calendar apps could help keep the days and tasks organized, and management systems such as Moodle can help you develop a real online school presence private for your homeschooling students.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a mundane chore in today’s world. Sitting at the kitchen table and reading from books can be replaced by gathering far more information from a variety of sources sitting at the desk using the Internet. Technology in the home can be used for more than just entertainment purposes if you have an open mind to the idea of exploring the device’s capabilities.

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