4 Ways to Make Homechooling More Pinteresting

Sep 27

4 Ways to Make Homechooling More Pinteresting

Many of you have already heard of Pinterest. As a homeschooling mom you can also use Pinterest to brainstorm, plan, organize, and exchange ideas for your  homeschool. While it may be better-known for its gorgeous photos of beautifully decorated estates, trendy clothing and great recipes, this site is outstanding for anyone who wants to incorporate online resources into educational activities and find creative learning ideas as well.

Here’s how it works. Pinterest is llike an electronic bulletin board where users can “pin” photos, artwork, graphics, and other visual images from around the web. All your pins can be organized onto various boards that you create for each of your areas of interest, such as “Arts and Crafts Activities” or “Science Experiments for Kids.” Pins can also be shared and searched, which makes Pinterest a fun place to look for fresh, clever ideas.  Here are just a few of the many ways you and your family can use Pinterest as an educational tool for your home classroom.

  1. Get ideas from educational leaders. There are many school and educators who created Pinterest boards. We created our own Pinterest Page http://pinterest.com/latterdaylearn/.  By “following” one of more of our boards, you will be able to see our interesting classroom ideas, learning tips, articles about the latest educational research, project suggestions, blog links, kids arts & crafts ideas and more! And be sure to click the red “follow” button so you’ll always see the newest pins!  
  2. Enrich learning. Use Pinterest to search for information by topic, just like you’d use Google or another search engine. Try a search for worksheets or puppet making, and you’ll quickly see what a handy resource this can be! When you find a pinned image that interests you, click on see it’s original source, where you may find information and inspiration such as detailed articles, how-to instructions, recipes, supply lists, and related links.
  3. Organize varied ideas. Pinterest is a fantastic way to save and organize those random ideas that are too good to lose and just may be exactly what you need one day! Create boards arranged according to your child’s academic subjects, type of project, holiday, hobby, materials used, or whatever makes sense to you—and you’ll never be at a loss for ideas again!
  4. Research and gather resources. Teach your child to use Pinterest to find and organize resources for projects, presentations, papers, and essays. For a group project, help your child create a board to share with other group members. Students who are invited to collaborate on the board will be allowed to pin to it, making this an excellent way to keep the ideas, visuals, and documentation for a project in one easy-to-access place.

Pinterest can be a fun and exciting tool both inside and outside the home classroom. Have you discovered additional creative ways to incorporate Pinterest into your family’s learning activities? If so, please share in the comments! And be sure to connect with us now to check out all the creative ideas waiting for you.

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