Vegetable Art Animals for Kids

Aug 16

Vegetable Art Animals for Kids

It is harvest time for many different vegetables in your garden.  And whether  you have a garden or not you can create a fun activity for your kids.  Some artists create intricate designs, with meticulous carving and flare, but vegetable art for kids does not have to be so extensive and detailed. Create children’s games out of vegetable art, bringing out their creativity–for little kids this is one of the best ways to encourage them to eat vegetables. From flower bouquets to animal shapes, vegetable art with an imagination provides for a multitude of possibilities.

Things You’ll Need

Different kinds of vegetables

Play dough – if you are planning to make it easier for little kids and try to avoid too much carving. Especially for creating eyes.

Toothpicks, long and short

Carving knife


Pencil or marker

Bowl with ice



Choose any vegetables based on their shape and try to think of animals you could make out of them. For example cauliflower is perfect for creating bodies for little sheep – see the image above. use. an eggplant to create a pig. Lay the eggplant flat, and using a peeler, peel two half-inch pieces, with an inch separating them, upward, so they curl and resemble pig’s ears. Do the same toward the bottom of the eggplant for the tail. Carve eyes, and attach four toothpicks for legs.

If you are planning to carve details out with a carving knife, sketch details on the vegetables, such as eyes or other features, using a pencil or marker.

If you prefer using less or no carving use play dough to create eyes and other parts of the animal. You can also use peas and cloves for creating eyes for animals.

Cut thin slices for creations, such as flower petals, using a peeler. If making a flower bouquet, peel a carrot on the long side by holding the peeler against the carrot and sliding down slowly, peeling away a piece a centimeter thick. Stack two or three pieces and carve the shape of the petal, repeat for multiple petals, then attach petals to a stick or skewer.

Avoid using glue to connect pieces. Toothpicks are more practical, and glue makes your creation un-edible.

If you are creating more than one animal you can place your creations in a bucket of ice to preserve them while working on other pieces. Do not leave vegetables out longer than a couple days, or they will begin to rot.

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