How Toys Encourage and Help Children to Learn

Jul 10

How Toys Encourage and Help Children to Learn

Choosing the right toys for your child can greatly encourage and help them learn. This is one of the reasons why a number of toys are categorized according to the child’s age range. Certain manufacturers design their toys based on the age of the user. For younger kids, their toys have bright colours and have simpler details. While for the older kids are more complex and it has more particulars on it. Before
picking a toy for your child, here are some factors which can help you decide the suitable option.

For the younger age, specifically from zero to three years old, the pieces are larger so that it would not fit in their mouths to avoid swallowing. Kids in this age range are fond of putting things in their mouth. This is normal because it is one of the ways on how they learn at this stage. The list includes shape-o, simple jigsaw puzzles, soft balls, and other playthings that have a lot of objects on them which make sounds and movements just like a toy phone or toy car. Kids of this age group are also fond of stacking things so there are a lot of different sets that you can find. Toys for these ages are generally for enhancing their hand movements and keeping their attention on things longer than usual. They have a short attention span so variation during playtime should be applied.

For toddlers up to kids in grade school, the toy pieces are a bit complicated as compared to the toys of the younger ones. During this stage, their mental ability is being enhanced. Even their creativity and the way they mingle with their playmates are being augmented as well. For boys and girls alike, play sets are the perfect toys. For girls, tea party sets, cooking sets, and the like and for boys, toy soldiers and cars, toys inspired by cartoon characters, and the like are the best option. The list includes building blocks, colouring books, clay, jigsaw puzzles, flash cards, and profession inspired game items among others. This is the stage wherein their imagination is really wild. So it is ideal to give them such toys rather than going for gadgets.

Even for children with special needs or disabilities, toys are also used for their learning. It is used during their therapy and followed up at home with the instructions of the expert. The ideal playthings are based on the child’s condition as well. Hence, having a consultation first with the psychologist or psychiatrist is essential in order to know the appropriate toys that can be of help for the child with special needs and attention.

Toys are definitely a fun way of learning. It is just a matter of choosing the right one for your child. It is ideal to do some research so that you can guide your child and enhance their mental, physical, and emotional ability based on certain factors such as age and what type of learner they are. You should choose toys that are fun and at the same time educational.

Author Bio: Abbas Hussain, blogger who likes to talk about all things toys and trampolines for companies like Activity Toys

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