Tips to Memorize Words Easily for Children

Jun 24

Tips to Memorize Words Easily for Children

Tips to Memorize Words Easily for ChildrenFor the starters or young children it is difficult to learn and memorize large number of words in a specific period of time. There are many tricks now made available by the researchers which can make the child memorize words faster and quicker more effectively.

5 Tips to Memorize Words Easily for Children

Some of the important as well as helpful tricks and tips that can help your child remember and memorize a word for a longer period of time are as follows

  • Make Webs Associated to the Words – the brain receives words and convert it into ideas, images, feelings and many more. It makes connections from what they already know with the new word information. With the help of idea webs we can start remembering things more easily.

  • Use Pictures–by drawing small pictures which depicts meaning of newly learned words can also work as the brain understands and captures the visual information more quickly for a longer period of time.

  • Learn and Think in Opposites–you can start learning words with learning the word having the opposite meaning simultaneously or words having similar meanings. For example happy and angry.

  • Tell a Story – with a story our brain starts framing pictures in the mind and stores the words more effectively. If you want to remember 10 random words then you can make a story using all these words to help the child remember them.

  • Proper Timing – timing is very important in the process of learning words. As the psychologists say by repeating a word numerous numbers of times will make you remember the word permanently yet quickly. Another way is usage of word. After you have learnt a word you can use the word in your vocabulary in specific interval of time.

Memorizing Words in Simple Ways:

Some other ways to make children learn words includes recycling of pieces. It refers to using suffixes, prefixes, roots etc. to guess the meaning of a word. For example dividing a word into two small parts and guessing their meaning also helps. Remembering a word in chunks or collocations can also help. It refers to using a word with more adjectives to it which can describe its meaning more clearly. More importantly it is also very important to know and understand the meaning of the words inorder to memorize it.

Some other Useful Tips and Tricks for Easy Learning of Words:

With the help of self-study you can memorize words. Reading and writing enhances memorizing words with the help of vocabulary and practice. Good listening skills also lead to capturing of words for longer period of time. Pick up of words, flash cards, repetition of key words, examples with reference are good ways to be developed while teaching the child.

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