Summer Tip #3

Aug 19

Summer Tip #3

Summer Tip #3

Stretch your summer! One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is the freedom and flexibility that you have with your schedule. The days are yours! If you havent already, consider starting your Family School a couple days after all the neighborhood kids go back to school. One of the least crowded times at your favorite hangouts will be during these wonderful days. Most pools and outdoor waterslide attractions will still be open as well as amusement stations.

SS_179479142_Water Slide Swimming

Imagine, having your kids undivided attention as you set out to explore the neighborhood together without the distraction of neighborhood kids calling to the kids. They can play with their siblings and you!

SS_83686924_Tug war, pulling rope, children playing

Kick off your school year with a couple days where YOU and your kids can unwind. Best of luck as all of our amazing mothers prepare for another year!

The LDL Team

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