Summer Tip #2 – Discover the World Around You

Jul 30

Summer Tip #2 – Discover the World Around You

SS_260500880_Family with mother, father and daughter picking berries from blackberry bush in the garden

Josh, age 11, was excited to take a road trip with his family to the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. He happened upon a book at the library about edible plants of Arizona. On the long drive down, he skimmed through his book and by the time the family arrived he jumped out of the car and immediately started searching for the plants he had just read about. He was able to find many different kinds that he sampled along with his family. It turned out to be an education for everyone!

Do you have a child who like to eat things that typically isn’t found in the kitchen? Are you taking a trip or exploring your surroundings more now that its summer? Here is a fun idea for a day trip or a road trip that will most definitely get the attention of your children. Did you know that there are hundreds of different edible plants? Just think about the spark that can be ingnited within your child as they make these new discoveries as they explore. Children love to be outside and hunt for treasures. It can provide an opportunity to better understand our earth and maybe even provide a chance for your child to contribute to tonights’ salad. An activity like this can excite, engage and shhhh…. even teach your child!

Try checking out a book such as one of these:

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You can also find lots of great ideas from fellow homeschoolers to help you get going:

A Beginners Guide to Foraging for Wild Edibles With Kids



Have fun with your discoveries!

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