Studies in the American Covenant

Aug 08

Studies in the American Covenant

Tim BallardAmerican Heritage School is pleased to announce a directed readings seminar taught by Mr. Timothy Ballard this Fall at American Heritage School, Thursdays, 3:30–4:30, September 5–December 19. Details follow:

Course Introduction: “Providence has heretofore saved us in a remarkable manner and on this we must principally rely.” Why would General George Washington declare this in the middle of the American War for Independence? Because he understood a secret. It was a secret that provided the key to accomplishing the impossible—in his case, to defeat the world’s military superpower using only a relatively small group of farmer-citizen-soldiers. The secret he possessed was his knowledge that America was a covenant land. He knew that if the people repented and turned to God, then that covenant would be invoked and Heaven would answer. The unedited version of the American Revolution proves, beyond doubt, that Washington was correct. America has faced other challenges in its past and present. American history proves that the nation only triumphed over these challenges when its people, like Washington, recognized, invoked, and lived this national covenant. If you want to understand American history in the context of this covenant theology, and if you want to learn how to apply this perspective in solving societal problems today, then this course is for you!

It should be noted that this course relies heavily on LDS scripture and history. For, these tools are key to fleshing out the truth behind the American Covenant. For example, in Part I of the course, you will learn why so many prophets foresaw the United States of America and what they said about it, why Columbus believed his discovery would restore temple worship, why Washington and his colleagues felt connected to the concept of “Israel,” why Jefferson prophesied that a “restoration” of Christ’s doctrine would be built upon the political foundations of the U.S. Constitution, and why the Founding Fathers felt connected to God’s holy temple, both in life and in death. In Part II of this course, you will learn why James Madison was the chosen instrument to bring forth the Constitution and why the Lord revealed that Heaven had inspired its creation, why Joseph Smith entered politics and ran for the presidency of the United States, why Joseph and other Church leaders made prophecies over America and how those prophecies were fulfilled, what connection Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War had with The Book of Mormon and the Latter-day Saints, and how all these events apply to American culture and government today. And this is just the beginning.           

Course Description:  Studies in the American Covenant is a directed readings seminar that serves as a half-credit History elective at American Heritage School. Students may also opt for the Consulted version of the course, which would provide students with weekly designated one-on-one meetings and mentorship with Mr. Ballard.

To explore covenant theology in American history, students will read approximately 20–30 pages per week from the two-volume textbook The American Covenant: One Nation Under God. The reading assignments that pertain to each course lecture are listed below. The reading assignments are connected to individual chapters in the textbook. Some of the longer chapters will require two lectures and therefore will provide two separate reading assignments for the student. In those cases, the student will have two weeks to read the entire chapter. Supplemental readings, with an emphasis on materials published during the specific time periods being studied, will also be made available. Though some discussion time will be dedicated to this supplemental material, only the American Covenant textbook will be required reading.

During one on-campus class of one hour each week, students will engage in a lively discussion about what they have discovered in their reading for that week.  They will also summarize their discoveries by writing a weekly four-sentence rhetorical précis, which, along with providing a priceless record of their learning, is a helpful form of analytical writing that will prepare them for university work. Please note: one précis is due each week, even when the class is covering the same chapter twice. The student will have no problem finding material to write one précis for the first half of the chapter and another one (the following week) for the second half of that chapter.

The American Covenant, Volume 1The American Covenant, Volume 2Books for the Course: Timothy Ballard, The American Covenant: One Nation Under God volumes I and II (New York: Digital Legend, 2011). Supplemental /optional material will be recommended and issued during the course.

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