“His Story” A Providential Approach Using the Timeline Method – Part 1

Oct 02

“His Story” A Providential Approach Using the Timeline Method – Part 1

This is a timeline created upon the idea that history is “Christ – His Story.” Jesus Christ is the Creator and, consequently, superintends the events of His children, their nations and epochs.

“History is the record of God’s relationship to man from creation onward; it tells us the reasons we are here and our purpose… Providence is the key to understanding history.” (FACE Noah Plan History and Curriculum Guide, p.43)

President Gordon B. Hinckley taught, “Christ is the focal point of all of history for it is because of His great act of atoning love that eternal life with the Father of us all is made possible. Providence, God’s loving care, is the key to understanding history.

Everything depended on Him – His atoning sacrifice. That was the key. That was the keystone in the arch of the great plan which the Father had brought forth for the eternal life of His sons and daughters.” (Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, p.30)
As an eyewitness to the history of the Jewish nation, Josephus, the Jewish priest and historian, wrote of the meticulous recording of the history of the Jews. In his first book, Flavius Josephus against Apian, he laments the carelessness of the contemporary Greeks in recording history:

“How can it then be other than an absurd thing for the Greeks to be so proud, and to want themselves to be the only people that are acquainted with antiquity, and that have delivered the true accounts of those early times after an accurate manner? Nay, who is there that cannot easily gather from the Greek writers themselves, that they knew but little on any good foundation when they set to write, but rather wrote their histories from their own conjectures?” (FACE, ibid, p.37)

“Like Josephus, we must beware of the myths and fables called history in our modern texts, which are written by secular historians who have either deliberately chosen to remove God’s Hand from history…” (FACE, ibid, p.38)

From Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, “From the beginning to now, the real history of the world has either been lost or so twisted and perverted that our present knowledge falls far short of the real truth about past events. When the real history of the world is written—as it will be by the spirit of inspiration—it will show God’s dealings with men, the place the gospel has played in the rise and fall of nations, and how eras of darkness and degeneracy have resulted from apostasy from the way of the Lord.” (Mormon Doctrine, p.357)

The United States of America is the sole nation in the history of the world to establish a government and a Constitution based upon the just and holy principles found in The Bible. However, her people have forgotten their Christian heritage and history.

A restoration of history is essential. The people of this choice nation, the land of promise, must be armed with the truths of mortal history in order to fulfill their mission of disciplining the nations to Christ.

Hence, this pictorial timeline is an effort to establish a providential perspective on the history of the world, to reveal the Hand of God in the affairs of men, to manifest His love and mercy in behalf of His offspring, to evidence the blessings and cursing of the Abrahamic Covenant, which is His promise to His children throughout the
ages of history.


Pre-mortality Before time was measured
The Creation & the Fall – Before time was measured
The Dispensation of Adam – 4,000 B.C.
The Dispensation of Enoch- 3,300 B.C.
The Dispensation of Noah – 2350 B.C.
The Dispensation of Abraham – 2150 B.C.
The Dispensation of Moses – 1500 B.C.
The Nephites – 600 B.C.
JESUS CHRIST – Meridian of Time
The Early Church & Apostasy – 50 A.D.
John Wycliffe & the Bible in English – 1384
Christopher Columbus Discovers America – 1492
The American Christian Founding – 1620
The American Christian Republic – 1776 – 1787
Enlightenment & Secularization of America – 1800’s and 1900’s
The Dispensation of the Fullness of Times & Joseph Smith – 1830
The Gathering & Building of Zion – Present Day
My Place in God’s Plan – Present Day
The Second Coming & Millennium – Future

Written by Lori Updike “His Story” A Providential Approach Using the Timeline Method

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