How to Start The Family School in January 2013?

Jan 02

How to Start The Family School in January 2013?

With the coming of the New Year 2013 some of you maybe considering switching to The Family School curriculum for LDS Homeschooling families. I know that this might be a big change for some of you and so I decided to write up some advice on how to start The Family School in the mid-year.

1. It is important that you cover 1st and 2nd lesson in each subject first since that is where we lay a foundation in Christ for that subject and that is also where the kids will prepare their binders/note books that they will be using for the rest of the year.

2. Other than History where I would suggest you start from the beginning, you can just look at different units within each subject and ask pick what you want to study till the end of the year. We have 180 lessons per year so you should cover about 90 lessons in the 2nd half. If you want to make it simple then, simply start from the beginning and follow the lessons.

When it comes to History  if you started midyear with history, you’d skip how God created the world, sent Adam and Eve, then Enoch, Noah, Moses, etc.  Instead you’d start with something like Egyptian gods or something.  I think seeing the big picture is a big advantage.

3.  If you live close to another family using Family School, I would ask if you could join them for a lesson, to see how it’s working for that family. See our FREE  Network to find members close to you.

4 Do you have young children? I would suggest shortening the lessons. Read this blog post about how you can modify the curriculum for the younger children.Remember that helping your kids love learning is winning the war.  Getting them to sit through lessons well past their attention span is winning a battle but may help you lose the war.  Loving learning will bless them and you for years to come!

5. Here is what one mom wrote about her organizing her day when teaching The Family School. See her blog post here. She is a professional organizer and she shares many great tips on how to organize your schedule, your supplies, your kids behavior and more.

6. Pray About It. Dana created a YouTube video about how she and her kids use The Family School. She actually starts The Family School at 6:00 am, because that was the answer to her prayers. You can see her video here. I think she hit the nail on the head: praying about it is always the best way to find out what’s best for your individual family.  You’re smart to be doing the “study it out” part by asking people who are using it.  You could experiment for a day or two of doing it early and see how your family likes it.

7. Remember, we give you one day off every week  in addition to all the holidays. This is a day for you to catch up with your chores, kids homework or do a field trip. Please see our schedule here

8. If you chose to start in mid-year, it will be a fun adventure for your kids. It will provide a transition period for them and they will be better prepared to start The Family Schoo Year 2 next year.

It will also give them extra time to practice the Note Book Method where they will need to learn how to reason for themselves and record what they learned. For some kids this might be actually a little more difficult to get used to, especially if they have never been homeschooled and came from the public school. Be patient and encourage them whenever necessary.

9. And finally, you are not alone. If you encounter obstacles or have any questions, you can always let us know in your forum.


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