Read all about it! AHS Newsletter September–December 2013

Jan 17

Read all about it!  AHS Newsletter September–December 2013


AHS-Newsletter-September-December-2013Read all about it! American Heritage School’s Fall Semester 2013 Newsletter highlights AHS students, news, and events during September to December 2013, including the following:

– Message from the Head of School
– Student, Parent, and Teacher Submissions
– “No Missing Pieces” Benefit Event
– Board Level Committees Expand
– Faculty Leadership Positions Implemented
– New Computers Provided for Teachers
– BYU Science Partnership In Place
– HDE Curriculum Made Available to Teachers
– Latter-day Learning Surpasses 2,000 Members
– Directed Readings Seminars Share Stories
– Constitution Day Inspires Patriotism
– Spirit Week Filled with K–12 Service
– International Student Spotlight
– Spelling Bee Winners
– National Geographic Bee Finalists
– Academic Report—Excellent PSAT Scores
– Trail of Dreams Wins Hearts
– Fall Festival Fun
– Benefit Auction Fundraising Report
– AHS Celebrates Gettysburg Address
– Memorization Treasure Trove!
– Faculty News and Notes
– Positions Available
– Honor Roll—1st Term

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