Qualities of a Good Adult Education Provider

Apr 24

Qualities of a Good Adult Education Provider

importance_of_education_1In order to make sure that a student enjoys the best education possible, he must be aware of some vital characteristics of adult education. If he sees these qualities in a prospective school, he has chosen the best one that can meet his needs.

1. Any adult student should be provided the support and security that he needs from his choice of adult education provider. It must offer a learning environment where in his personal needs are met. At the same time, it must be a school where in which his existing abilities and skills are recognized.

2. Professors of adult education must consider and treat their students purely as such, but also as peers. This gives them the respect that they deserve, being wise and experienced adults. During classes, professors must listen and consider the opinions of their students. This is one way of fostering intellectual freedom; while at the same time, creativity and experimentation are fully encouraged.

3. The ideal adult education assures the option of open paced learning. If such a choice is afforded to a student, this will challenge him to go beyond his level of learning skills and abilities. It has been known that if adult students are pushed too much to study, they easily give up. On the other hand, if the challenge is easy, they become disinterested and bored. Adults who are engaged in open pace learning experience are immersed in intellectual stimulation, allowing them to grow more.

4. A student must consider an adult education that fosters his active participation in the offered learning activities. Becoming a participant in learning allows him to absorb new knowledge and skill easily, compared to being just a passive listener to lectures. In an adult education, the ideal setting is for the instructor to engage his students in a lively conversation or even a debate. As both parties interact, they are prone to trying out new and radical ideas. They become involved in the use of exercises and activities to prove theories and facts.

5. Finally, an adult student is encouraged by his adult education provider to give feedback and comments about lessons and activities that he is engaged in. The best adult education has feedback means in place. This is intended for the student to be able to inform his professor on what truly works for him. The ability to give feedback helps an adult student to express what he need and would like more to learn.


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