The Seven Principles

Aug 09

The Seven Principles

God’s Principle of Individuality
Everything in God’s universe reveals His infinity and diversity. Each person is a unique
creation of God, designed to express the nature of Christ individually in society. Parents
and teachers should cultivate the full potential of Christ in every child.

The Christian Principle of Self-Government
In order to have true liberty, man must be governed internally by the Spirit of God rather
than by external forces. Government is first individual, then extends to the home, church,
and the community. This principle of self-government is God ruling internally
from the heart of the individual.

America’s Heritage of Christian Character
The image of God engraved upon the individual within brings dominion and change to his
external environment. The model of Christian character is the Pilgrim character, which
demonstrates these qualities: faith and steadfastness, brotherly love, Christian care, diligence  and industry, and liberty of conscience. Becoming accountable for one’s learning and productivity is the fruit of Christian character.

“Conscience Is the Most Sacred of All Property”
(James Madison). God requires faithful stewardship of all His gifts, especially the internal
property of conscience. This is a tool for self-government as each child learns the revelation of  consent. Each individual governs his life through the voluntary consent to do right or wrong.

The Christian Form of Our Government
The divine flow of spiritual power and force in a Christian Constitutional Republic begins with
self-governing individuals, whose God-given rights are protected by laws established by their
elected representatives. Proper government requires a balance of internal power and its
external form as seen in the separation of powers and its dual form with checks and balances.  The Christian form of our government finds its source in the Holy Scriptures,
“the American political textbook.”

How the Seed of Local Self-Government Is Planted
Christian self-government begins with salvation and education in God’s Law and Love, and
flows in governing oneself, one’s home, church, and community. Even in the family group
or the classroom, individuals must take responsibility or blame, in order to discover and
correct errors. “Liberty is an individual responsibility” (Samuel Adams).

The Christian Principle of American Political Union
Internal agreement or unity, which is invisible, produces a voluntary external union, which is
visible in the spheres of government, economics, and home and community life. Before two or more individuals can act effectively together, they must first be united in spirit, in their
purposes, and in their convictions.

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