Principles & Methods to be taught at Latter-day Learning Conference

Apr 02

Principles & Methods to be taught at Latter-day Learning Conference
Hundreds of parents on the Latter-day Learning Network are seeking for principles, methods and resources to lay Christ and the truths of the restored gospel at the foundation of academic learning.

We have listened to your questions and have designed a conferencewith a banquet of answers. This email provides an overview of theprinciples to be shared at the upcoming Latter-day Learning Conference, on April 26-27, 2013.


Boy with Book The mission of Latter-day Learning matches the mission of American Heritage School after which it was created.

We serve parents by supporting their efforts to raise children, in harmony with revealed principles of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, that they may:

  • be useful in the hands of the Lord in building the kingdom of God on earth;
  • increase faith in and knowledge of the Plan of Salvation;
  • develop a love, understanding and appreciation for America and the founding fathers;
  • develop the basic academic knowledge and skills necessary to be able to make self-education a life- long pursuit;
  • learn to reason and discern between right and wrong, truth and error;
  • develop character and self-discipline of mind and body; and
  • conduct themselves in all aspects of life as Christians.
4 R We wish to share proven methodologies that have been refined over more than four decades. Many of the methodologies we use were adopted from the Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE)  and adapted to fit a restored gospel perspective. 

For example, the 4R method provides a pattern that will develop the ability to researchusing the “good” books, then reason the true principles discovered in their research, andrelate these principles to their lives and to the gospel. They will record these discoveries and experiences in their personal notebook.

Woman Tutoring Child We seek to assist parents to teach their children to look for God’s hand in all subjects – history, literature, science, etc. Additionally, we create curriculum that expects academic excellence and prepares children for a successful college experience.

Click HERE for information and to register for the Family Field Day activities and/or Latter-day Learning Conference.

Location: American Heritage School, 736 North 1100 East, American Fork, Utah 84003.

Tickets: Adults/$40, Spouse/$20, Youth/$35 if purchased by the Early Registration Discount Deadline: Saturday, April 6, 2013. Thereafter prices will be Adult/$55, Spouse/$20 and Youth/$45.

Questions? Call 801-450-5016

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