“One Nation” World Premier – November 9-10th!

Nov 05

“One Nation” World Premier – November 9-10th!

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving lies Veterans Day. Too often we, as a community, get so caught up in the calendar that we forget about our Veterans. This year is the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. American Heritage School would like to extend a highly recommended invitation to our homeschool and distance education families, friends, and neighbors to attend a Veterans Day concert that will deepen every student’s appreciation of the Civil War through music that is both entertaining and meaningful. Rob Moffat and Rob Gardner have written a new musical presentation that tells the story of Civil War families using inspiring music, letters, and archive photographs. Click this link to see a short video of our students and the composer preparing this amazing concert.

If you are willing, please view, share, and attend. Tickets are very affordable with family, veteran, and student discounts available. Purchase tickets here.

If there is any way you can share this touching video with your networks/blogs/distribution lists, or work somehow the Civil War into your studies next week with Veterans Day then know that we would be very appreciative. It is an enormous work to get community events like this concert created and without community support it will be difficult to maintain. Some of you even have children who are involved in the Lyceum program or once were. You know how much goes into providing inspiring events for these young people.

Please help us spread the word!

Thank you!

Kayson Brown, Director of the American Heritage Lyceum Orchestra


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