How do I modify the curriculum for a young child?

Oct 18

How do I modify the curriculum for a young child?

Question: One challenge is that this is designed for a group of children of all ages – and I have one 5 year old that I’m teaching. I’ve been able to adapt the obvious things to us, but  I have to sift through a lot of big words (for my 5 year old), and huge concepts and a lot of talking and it’s hard to keep his attention. He loves the activities, and videos and when we do things together. It’s just a challenge for me to figure out how to condense the lesson down to his comprehension and attention level.

Answer: You can start as early as 4. Each Lesson has 2-3 Principles at the beginning. See example bellow:

1. Here is how you can simplify the curriculum for young children. Use the principles as your highlights. Then pick and choose which supporting material to use from the research section for each principle. You can then do the Reason and Relate portions yourself using terminology they understand.

For the Record portion you can mostly have your child trace the principles and have him answer questions in word form for you to record or have your child create a picture that will answer your questions.

2. Dropping a few lessons is also a good idea…after all when they are this young it does not matter how much you cover in allotted time, but how well you teach your child to love learning new things…

Jane and Nannette said it well in the clip


If you still prefer to use curriculum that has been designed for Kindergarten you can enroll for our online classes. Note: it is not all completed quite yet so you will not have access to all subjects till next year.

Here are the online courses available:

K – Art, K Language: Foundations for Reading and Writing, K Literature, K Science, K to K Math, K History

Note: Once you have more than one child it makes sense to use The Family School instead since you will not want to first teach your kindergarten child and then teach again the rest of your children. Plus it is much cheaper to use one curriculum for the whole family than purchasing individual courses for each child.

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