Seven Miracles That Saved America

Jun 30

Seven Miracles That Saved America

Seven Miracles That Saved America: Why They Matter and Why We Should Have Hope 

by Chris Steward

We will be celebrating the 4th of July next week. I  love to read and watch anything related to Founding Fathers and Constitution of the United States of America during this holiday. In fact one of my favorite books that I read recently is “Seven Miracles That Saved America” by Chris Steward. I highly recommend it!

Here is a short summary:

When the odds were stacked against us, and there have been many times when the great experiment we call America could have and should have failed, did God intervene to save us?

That question, posed by authors Chris and Ted Stewart, is the foundation for this remarkable book. And the examples they cite provide compelling evidence that the hand of Providence has indeed preserved the United States of America on multiple occasions. Skillfully weaving story vignettes with historical explanations, they examine seven instances that illustrate God’s protecting care:

-The unlikely discovery of America by Christopher Columbus

-How (and why) desperate English colonists were able to survive the starving time at Jamestown

-The Battle of New York during the Revolutionary War

-The miraculous creation of the United States Constitution

-Abraham Lincoln’s desperate prayer that turned the tide of the Civil War at Gettysburg

-How a series of extraordinary events changed the Battle of Midway during World War II

-The preservation of Ronald Reagan’s life from an assassin’s bullet, allowing him the time he needed to help extend freedom around the world

Never, at any of these critical junctures, was a positive outcome certain or even likely. Yet America prevailed. Why?

“No man is perfect,” write the authors. “And neither is any nation. Yet, despite our weakness, we are still, as Abraham Lincoln said, the best nation ever given to man. Despite our faults, this nation is still the last, best hope of earth.” In short, God still cares what happens here. This reassuring message is a bright light in a world that longs for such hope.


Here are some of the Amazon Customers Review’s of this book:

1.  “A MUST READ book for anyone that loves their country OR has ever felt cynical about the path our country seems to be taking! This book left me feeling hopeful and inspired.

I liked the narrative approach to each chapter that frankly made it more readable and enjoyable, as well as helping the people and events come to life. It helped put a face and personality to these historical individuals, making them more REAL and people I could relate to.

I enjoyed the new information and insights I gained into well-known historical events, but I also learned some fascinating new things about the history of our country (and this is coming from a former Social Studies teacher!!) The book was very well researched and documented, and thank goodness you don’t have to be a devout student of history to understand the magnitude of the events discussed by the authors.” by By HJ

2. “I am generally skeptical of any book that addresses US/American history because of the attempt by so many “new-age” and “progressive” authors that try to make me feel guilty for having an appreciation for the liberties I enjoy.

Reading this book is both enjoyable and informative: The way the authors help to make each discussed event personal to the reader makes it a good read… by mixing detailed and researched events with “fictional” dialogue really does work!In reading this book, I was reminded of some historical events that I now look at differently and I learned about some events that I knew little about that really made me think…What a great gift for the upcoming Holidays for family and friends.” by By Sidney L. Allen

3. “An insightful and informative book, A MUST READ, reflecting on actual events with the use of individual characters to provide a human perspective of obstacles, circumstances, and coupled with the affects of guidance from a divine power that “desired” for the formation of this great country” by By Todd Simpson
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