The Minutemen and Their World: Directed Readings Seminar

Jan 09

The Minutemen and Their World: Directed Readings Seminar

Attention Utah County families. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Nick Gentile will lead an 18-week seminar entitled, “The Minutemen and their World,” which serves for 0.5 high school credits at American Heritage School. The seminar will be held on AHS campus Tuesdays beginning January 15, 2013 through May 14, 2013 from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Mr. Gentile says,

if you want the Minutemen and their world—their hearts and heads, their folkways and faiths, their communities and congregations, their families and farms, their educations and eating habits, their professions and pastimes, their battles and bravery, and their heartaches and hearth stories—to become real to you, then this course is for you! Come, discover, and let the principles and perspectives of the Founders’ everyday lives, human dramas, and providential paths bless you today.

See the seminar syllabus and course registration page here. Interested individuals are welcome to attend the introductory class on January 15 in the AHS Lecture Hall free of cost. Participant tuition is $100. Auditors (including interested parents,  AHS employees, or other observers) may register for $25. Registration is open through Monday, January 15, after which enrollment will be by instructor approval only. Click here for registration helps.


Leland Anderson, Director of Distance Education at AHS

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