Member Announcement: Rate Increase for New Members (March 1, 2017)

Jan 30

Please take a few minutes to learn about a price change for memberships beginning March 1, 2017. Please read the entire letter.

The Family School History and Pricing: Before launching The Family School Online, one year’s worth of curriculum sold for approximately $430. In August 2015, we launched with affordability and increased accessibility to The Family School as our goal. Access was given through a monthly membership plan, which was steeply discounted from the former annual payment option. After launching, members paid on average $280 for a year’s access to our full, multi-year library of curriculum at a savings of $150 per year (a significant savings). We met our goal.

Currently, families can pay one of two rates: a month-to-month rate, or a 33%-discounted, year-round rate. Please note:

  • The month-to-month rate is available throughout the year and is currently $30 per month for access to the K–8 curriculum.
  • The year-round rate is available each March during Open Enrollment and is $20 per month for K–8 curriculum access.

Why are we raising our prices for new members beginning March 1, 2017? As a not-for-profit institution, we desire to make The Family School curriculum as impactful and as affordable as possible. We also have a basic financial goal to be self-sustaining. In previous years, we have operated at a loss, while being supported, in part, by generous donors. In an effort to be less reliant on donor contributions, membership prices for new members will increase by 10% beginning March 1, 2017. In other words, beginning March 1, 2017 the month-to-month membership will be $33 per month (up from $30 per month), and the year-round membership will be $22 per month (up from $20 per month). During March Open Enrollment, all new and existing members will automatically qualify for our year-round discount.
That is, all existing members and new members will automatically enjoy the 33% discount off the month-to-month rate. The discount is maintained thereafter for as long as the membership is active.

Please note: The March 1, 2017 price increase will NOT be applied to existing member accounts. Your rate will not be increased if you are already a member. Existing members on February 28, who are paying the $30 month-to-month rate will automatically receive the 33% year-round discount to the year-round rate of $20 month.

Also during the March 2017 Open Enrollment period, new membership tiers will be announced and several new features will be provided within those tiers to allow members to pay for basic or premier functions that they choose. More information on these tiers and features will be published soon.

Please know that we do everything we can to provide to you at the most affordable price that is possible. We cannot guarantee that prices for existing members will never rise—but that is our hope. As a not-for-profit, serving families well in a sustainable way is our goal. Depending on membership participation and longevity, existing member prices may increase at some point, but we sincerely hope to avoid this.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Questions can be directed to Peter Knecht (Business Director of Latter-day Learning) at or by responding to this email.

Very grateful for your continued support and association,

Peter Knecht, Business Director

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