Matchbox Guitar

Jul 20

Matchbox Guitar

All your young rockstar needs to jam on this guitar is a small matchbox, cardboard, and rubber bands.

Music is powerful. Just a few notes can ignite your spirit. The radio plays a sweet song, and you find yourself swaying in the kitchen. Making your own music intensifies the joy, and you don’t need a fancy instrument to do it.

So why be quiet when there’s so much music in the world, just waiting for you to play it? With some household odds and ends, you can make musical instruments for a whole band of friends. And while you’re shaking, plucking, tapping, clicking, and blowing, you’ll learn an excellent secret: Music is absolutely everywhere if you listen, and it’s most definitely inside of you.

Matchbox Guitar How-To

Separate a small matchbox into its two parts. Apply glue along half of each side of the tray, and push the tray halfway into the frame, and let dry.

Cut a small cardboard trapezoid for the bridge, and notch the top in four places. Follow thisĀ template. Glue the bridge upright on top of the matchbox, and let it dry. For strings, stretch four rubber bands of various sizes around the matchbox, fitting them into the notches of the bridge. For strumming, buy a guitar pick from a music store.

(h/t Martha Stewart)


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