LDS Homeschool TELEConference, AUG 1-8, 2012

Aug 01

Come join us for a full day of great speakers and
a formal family Grand Ball at the


Created to provide an opportunity for LDS homeschool parents and youth to gather together:

  • To learn about ways to more fully integrate the gospel into our homeschooling pursuits.
  • To help us feel connected with others who are doing the same.
  • To be inspired, find hope and encourage one another.

We are not focusing on any one type of curriculum or methodology, as  the gospel of Jesus Christ can be taught in all things, at all times and in all places.

Please join us at the LDS Homeschool Conference  August 11th with a bonus evening session, Fathers panel and youth panel, on August 10th located at:

American Heritage School—736 N. 1100 E. American Fork, Utah.


Presenters for Wednesday AUG 1st
1:00 pm – Regan Barns—”A House of Order”  I will share how my children and I make the gospel an integral part of our lives, patterning our systems after Heavenly Father’s systems! I will help you recognize how Heavenly Father helps us grow in certain ways, through routines and order… Then I will help you figure out how to keep similar order in your own homeschool routine. When we strive to make our home a heaven on earth, then we (both as parents and children in the family) can be homeschooled by Heavenly Father himself through the Holy Ghost!

1:30 pm – Audrey Ridlisbaucher—”Harmonizing ‘Religious’ and ‘Secular’ Study”  In a world where the religious and the secular are intentionally separated, it can be difficult to know how to harmonize them. The Lord tells us that all things are spiritual to Him. He also teaches us that all truth is connected. What, then, are the mental and spiritual tools for discovering truth, connecting it to all areas of life and applying it to ourselves? Come learn how simple this process is and how it will revolutionize your education!

Presenters for Thursday AUG 2nd
1:00 pm – Patrice Fairbanks“Lessons In Faith From Our Founding Fathers & Mothers”  Seeking to learn more of the faith of those who founded the USA? Awaken to truths about who those amazing people were, the courageous founding fathers and mothers of our nation. We know much about the men. Who were the women who gave them birth, taught them, stood by their sides, sacrificed and even shed their blood in fighting for the freedoms which brought forth the Greatest Nation on earth? Through our gratitude for them, how can we maintain and protect those freedoms?

1:30 pm – Donna Goff —”First Steps: Laying a Solid Foundation in the Pre-School Years”  What do preschoolers (and older children just coming to home education) need to prepare them to succeed in life and learning? Where is a good place to start? How do I put in place a solid foundation? What is family work and why is it vital? What is Homeculture? What is Momculture? How do I track progress? What are commonplace books and how can I use them to simplify my life? Join me to discover the answers, resources, and more… Using the scriptures, prophets, resources from the church distribution center I will offer answers to the above questions.

Presenters for Friday AUG 3rd
1:00 pm – Telsie Graziano—”Is Homeschooling Really for Me?”  Are you thinking about homeschooling your children? Do you wonder if YOU can do it? These are the questions I asked myself a year ago when I was thinking about homeschooling. I no longer have anxiety over whether homeschool is the answer or not, I KNOW it is! How did I come to this conclusion and gain this confidence? By following the spirit. In this class you will learn how to ask the right questions, how to receive the answers to your prayers, how to teach your children with the spirit and gain confidence is doing so.

1:30 pm – Izaak Neil—”Choosing Peace over War”  Would you like to have a peaceful relationship, with a parent, sibling or friend? Then this class is for you. A fun interactive, class on how to be powerful instead of powerless, in any relationship from a youth’s point of view! Creating peace in relationships, not war. In the world we live in it’s hard to keep a peaceful relationship with anyone especially with parents. Without good relationships between adults and children learning can not happen. This class is how to have better relationships so learning can happen. Learn how to be a creator not a reactor. How to be a better friend, son, daughter, husband, wife, father, or mother, through creating Peace. Remember, Christ was the Prince of Peace, he wants nothing more than to help us create peace in our lives. Don’t miss this powerful class on “Peace over War”.

Presenters for Monday AUG 6th
1:00 pm (11:30) – Mindy Heath— “Women are that they might have joy!”  Yes, that means you too! Discover How To Live With Peace, Joy and Connection In Every Area Of Your Life. Have you ever felt like you were doing all the “right” things but none of it seemed to be working? Have you ever felt not good enough or that success is for everyone else but you? Maybe you are thriving in some areas of your life but struggling in others and no matter how hard you try you don’t know how to change it. And deep down you know it’s taking it’s toll on you, your marriage, your kids, maybe even your faith. You can have peace, joy and connection no matter what is going on around you! Discover the key to “BE”ing who Heavenly Father created you to be and all the joy and healing that follows!

Presenters for Tuesday AUG 7th
1:00 pm – Nicholeen Peck—”The Key to Building Youth, Instead of Teens”  Through most of a child’s young years, the mother plays a crucial role in development. As children get older, they begin to look to their fathers as role models for their lives. Learn the best strategies to prepare yourself and your children for that journey. These strategies will inspire you and transform your children into youth, not teenagers. Come and see why.

1:30 pm – Jenet Erickson—”Creating a Home of Learning: Out of Small Things, Proceedeth that Which is Great”  Research has repeatedly shown that the home is the most natural setting for learning. This session will discuss some of those research findings and provide a variety of ideas for how to capitalize on the natural home environment to create a Home of Learning. Those ideas become transformative when they involve inspiring methods, including principle-based learning using the 4-R methodology, notebook methodology, providential timeline, and learning celebrations. These inspiring methods will be presented along with insight about how they can transform ordinary patterns of daily family life into rich and character building learning.

Presenters for Wednesday AUG 8th
1:00 pm – Michelle Stone—”Celestial Education: the 4th Stage Why are we here?”  As believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ, this question has some profound and significant answers that should not be ignored. Come prepared for an intense, eye-opening, and fun journey through the scriptures to discover why we are really here and how that should shape our education.

1:30 pm – Michelle Withers—Keep your eye on the ball Empowering teens do the right things for the right reasons Setting goals is one of the best ways to keep focused on what’s really important. I’ve found that teens are empowered and gain great motivation as they keep their eye on their long term goals. They manage their time wiser, they are more selective regarding the activities they participate in, they are more self-directed and accomplish a great deal more. Teens are learning how to become responsible adults. They become what they can envision. Goal setting activities like dream boards, dream sketching and creating other visual aids are all ways to help them keep their eye on the ball and not get distracted by the many influences of the world.


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