LDS Homeschool Conference, August 10 -11, 2012

Aug 03

LDS Homeschool Conference, August 10 -11, 2012

Come join us for a full day of great speakers and a formal family Grand Ball at the

LDS Homeschool Conference, 

created to provide an opportunity for LDS homeschool parents and youth to gather together:
to learn about ways to more fully integrate the gospel into our homeschooling pursuits.
to help us feel connected with others who are doing the same.
to be inspired, find hope and encourage one another.

We are not focusing on any one type of curriculum or methodology, as  the gospel of Jesus Christ can be taught in all things, at all times and in all places.

Please join us at the 
LDS Homeschool Conference 


August 11th with a bonus evening session,

Fathers panel and youth panel on August 10th

at American Heritage School, 
736 N. 1100 E.     American Fork, Utah.


Amy and Tresta saw a need to put an LDS homeschool conference together.  They have chosen a theme: Seek Learning by Faith, worked out all the details and have made it happen.  Some of the best LDS presenters, sponsors and vendors have been and are being selected. We invite you to join us!  Please push the “Register Here” button for all the details and options or if you’d like to only receive the updates on the conference please type in your name and email address.  We look forward to seeing you at our wonderful, connecting, information filled event! 🙂


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