Invertebrates Matching Game

Oct 26

Invertebrates Matching Game

To help my kindergartner visualize each invertebrate classification I made a matching game. I cut out all the pictures and then we matched them to which group they belonged to. I learned a lot myself and now they’re all taped to our board to use for the rest of the section. Being able to visualize it and have them up as a reminder makes such a huge difference for my 5 year old!

I attached the file InvertebratesMatchingGame as a word document  for anyone who wants to print it it.

Here is how to play the game

1. Cut out all the pictures and the classification groups. Some pictures are right next to each other like the sand dollars, sea urchins, coral, jellyfish and anemones. I cut them out as a single piece (like the two sand dollars together- I wanted to show two different examples of sand dollars because the group is kind of small), but feel free to cut them apart for more cards.

2. Tape  the classification groups  in different places on your board or wall.

3. Then go through and identify each invertebrate and tape it under its appropriate classification. So, the matching is happening on the board.

The pictures are all different sizes. It’s not meant for a “match” game per se like with an official match card game you put on the table.

Written by Sarah Lee


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