How to Start Your Own Book Club this Summer

Jun 08

How to Start Your Own Book Club this Summer

How to Start Your Own Book Club this Summer

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“To learn to read well, all students need to read thought-provoking, age-appropriate books. They also need to respond thoughtfully to these books in talk, writing, and as they read other texts.”

Source:  Raphael, Taffy E., Susan Florio-Ruane, and MariAnne George. “Book Club Plus: A Conceptual Framework to Organize Literacy Instruction.” Language Arts 79.2 (November 2001): 159-168.

Book clubs are opportunities for students to choose what they read, when they read, where they read, how they read, and with whom they read. The key concept here is choice. In order to carry out book clubs successfully, students must work together to negotiate places and times to meet, along with the pacing and discussion of the books. They take on responsibility for their own literacy learning. They learn to value one another as readers and learners.

What You Need:

  • A group of readers-four to six is ideal, but any number can work. It works the best to have all children in the same age group.
  • A book of the children’s choice-ask everyone to bring a copy
  • Art supplies (e.g., notebook paper, pencils, crayons/markers, scissors, glue, construction paper, etc.)

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