The Home-Schooled Don’t Just Stay at Home

Jun 22

The Home-Schooled Don’t Just Stay at Home

Many people hold common misconception that most homeschoolers are just stuck at home most of the time. The truth is that it is up to the homeschooling parent to decide how and where is a lesson going to be taught. Whether it is in a park, at home, in a group setting or in a museum – the settings can vary based on the current topics and needs of the student.

One home schooling mom did just that. She actually did more than that. She decided to create a new class for her son and other home schoolers to enjoy.

Here is how Lenora described her experience in

IN June 2010, Lenora Todaro was looking for ways to build on her home-schooled 8-year-old twin boys’ interest in knights, castles and other aspects of medieval history. “I thought of architecture,” recalled Ms. Todaro, who then reached out to the Center for Architecture, a public gallery space in New York.

In August, Ms. Todaro brainstormed with educators at the center’s foundation about a new class. “Students would build a scale model of a medieval European city,” she said of the course. Then she contacted other home-schooling parents online. “I posted a course description to the home-schooling Listservs, so other families studying medieval history could enroll their kids.”

The foundation offered to host the students on-site, at an off-peak afternoon time when its instructors would be in less demand at schools, where they usually conduct the foundation’s residency programs. The class began in November 2010 with 15 children and some parents observing, the first of several at the center arranged by Ms. Todaro.

Some parents, particularly those not trained in art, prefer the expertise and guidance that museums offer in their home-school programs, which by their very existence confirm that “home schooling” is an elastic term.

“There is no rule that says my child must be sitting at the kitchen table, reading everything out of a book given to her by me,” said Pia Williams, who home-schools her 11-year-old daughter, Erica. “Home schooling is really providing the most individualized educational opportunities for my child — no matter where that is, or by whomever I choose to have teach her. Museums bring the world to us.”

Museums are a great resource for homeschooling families and can provide unique learning experiences not limited to just visiting their Expositions time to time.

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