Great Anatomy Book for Kids

Sep 17

Great Anatomy Book for Kids

Last week we had an impromptu science lesson. My six-year-old emerged from the bathroom excited to share the shapes she saw from her bodily deposit in the toilet. This presented a perfect opportunity to share the wonder of our bodies’ design. It was library day, so I promised to find a book about how poop is made! The librarian brought me the just the right book!

“The Way We Work” by David Macaulay and Richard Walker,

You can also look inside to preview this book.

taught anatomical functions very appropriately. The illustrations were clear and easy for me to explain. It’s a hard back, about the size of a small text book. I wish I had had it in college anatomy. The explanations of cellular make-up were easy to understand. Combine that with PBS’ “The Cat in the Hat” episode on cellular design, and you’ve got a good foundational understanding well on it’s way!

I am also expecting. The children learned the basics of  “Daddy cells” and “Mommy cells” without any unneeded other details. This book became a very welcome tool in our discussions on sensitive topics without any blushing.

Happy Learning!

Written by Shauntai Johnson

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