Here Are Some Fun Activities for Your Kids During Holidays

Dec 27

Here Are Some Fun Activities for Your Kids During Holidays

Day after Christmas is a perfect time for fun activities for your kids.

Kids love to keep entertained when they are at home and since there is no school, they have a lot of time on their hands. Here are some simple ideas you can have them try this weekend.


This is a fun little activity to get rid off all the broken crayons that your kids have been using through out the year. The instructions are simple. Gather all your broken crayons, remove the paper wrapping and cut them into even smaller pieces.

Preheat the oven to 230 degrees and put the little crayon pieces into a silicone cookie pan. Note: the silicone pan works the best for this project.

Cook for 15 min and take it out to cool. After it cooled, take it out and you will have crayon hearts that your kids can use again or you can tape them on a piece of paper and give them out as little favors.












This is one of those childhood activities I had forgotten about until seeing it over at The Artful Parent the other day. We have several bags of marshmallows left over from the holidays and with this great idea, I’ve got a great afternoon activity!

It’s simple – you just need a bag or two of marshmallows and a package of toothpicks. Then let your kids give it a try. Depending on their ages, you may need to show them how this works. It’s instant tinkertoys. For more great photos, check out Jean’s post on The Artful Parent where she is “trying to parent in a way that encourages creative expression, imagination, joyfulness, and a love of learning.” Mission accomplished.

Tie Dye T-Shirts with Sharpie Markers!

Here’s what you’ll need and the steps we followed:
  • Pre-washed white or light colored t-shirt (cotton takes color great)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Note: mine was 91%. If your alcohol has a lower percentage it may not work as well)
  • Liquid dropper (we used an old medecine dropper)
  • Small plastic cup(s)… really we only needed one
  • Rubber bands
  • Variety of colored Sharpies (we stuck to color wheel colors, no brown or black)
    Choose a spot to start and put your cup in right side up and secure a rubber band around the cup rim holding the shirt tightly in place.
    Pick your colors and create a small design in the center of the stretched circle. We kept our designs to the size of a quarter or half dollar because the alcohol will make the colors spread out a lot.
    P.S. remember that complimentary colors will turn brown when they mix
    (ex. using blue and orange together)
    Using your dropper drip approximately 10 drops of rubbing alcohol in the center of your design and watch the colors spread.
    One thing we added: we put a couple more dots and lines of color on the outer edges of the circle and added alcohol drops to them just before removing our rubber band…. then we blew on the area to speed the drying and make the colors mix and bleed together in an irregular circle design

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