Fourth of July Parade Stick Craft

Jun 29

Fourth of July Parade Stick Craft

Fourth of July Parade Stick Craft

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Celebrate July 4th with these glittery, star-spangled batons.

What You’ll Need

8 to 10 sheets of newspaper

Transparent tape



Craft glue

Shredded crinkle paper

5-inch silver cardboard star

Star-shape foam stickers

Step 1

Tightly roll eight to 10 sheets of newspaper (roll from one corner at a diagonal) and secure it with tape. Trim to about 20 inches long.

Step 2

Tape the ribbon at one end of the stick and wrap it in a spiral to the other end. Secure it at that end with tape.

Step 3

Glue crinkle paper and a silver cardboard star onto one end of the baton; let dry flat. Decorate the cardboard star with star-shape foam stickers.


By Robin Tarnoff and Amanda Kingloff from Parents Magazine

Originally published in the July 2008 issue ofParents magazine.

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