The Family School in MY Home Video Competition!

Sep 19

The Family School in MY Home Video Competition!

It’s one thing for us to talk about The Family School, and it’s an entirely different (better) thing to hear from families actually using it. Along those lines, we invite you to participate in our first competition–The Family School in MY Home Video Competition! We hope you all will participate in this fun activity and help us and others get to know you better. Here are the details.


1. Create a 5-7 minute video showing your family using The Family School – Complete Curriculum Year 1.

2. On the video, tell us your feelings about The Family School; what you love about it, why you decided to use it, why integrating principles of the restored gospel in academics is important to you are a few ideas.

3. Tell us a about you and your story as an LDS homeschool mom.


Our judging criteria is simple–we’re looking for the top three videos that filled us with energy and purpose as we continue to work!┬áMany of you have already been so kind to send emails filled with excitement, gratitude, and encouragement. Thank you! Our team of developers, designers, editors, and administrators will meet at the beginning of November and together we’ll watch all the videos that have been submitted. We’ll pick our top five and then post them on our Network and let you vote on the top three.


All who submit a video will receive a $25 credit, which will be applied to a future purchase of any year or course of The Family School.

First Prize = $100 cash

Second Prize = $50 cash

Third Prize = $25 cash


You must submit your video on YouTube by the end of the month, 12:00 midnight, October 31, 2012. Send us a message or email with your video link when you complete the upload. We’ll be happy to help you with this if you need.

When submitting on YouTube, the video description must include the following link ( Must include the “http://” portion to work.

Video cannot exceed 7 minutes.

It is implied by your participation in this competition that you agree to the release of any video and images you submit for use by American Heritage School and and affiliated websites.


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