How to Educate Family and Friends About Your Decision to Homeschool

Aug 06

How to Educate Family and Friends About Your Decision to Homeschool

A couple of years ago when I started homeschooling my son it raised some eyebrows. Some people were surprised, some thought it was such an odd decision on my part and some simply did not understand why I would not want to enjoy the freedom of having my kids gone to school for part of the day. The topic of my qualifications was brought up, over and over again, as were the questions:”Do you think you might be actually hurting your son’s education?” and,”What about his socialization skills?”

I don’t think homeschooling is the issue it once was many years ago. In the last decade, homeschooling has become more mainstream. People get it now. They understand the shortcomings of the public school system and how homeschoolers do really well on standardized tests and get into excellent colleges. They’ve read articles and seen news spots about how successful homeschooling is. As a result, I don’t have to explain as much anymore. But still, when family and friends ask, I tell them the following:

I came to the decision to homeschool my children after considering a number of factors, but here are the four major ones.

#1. LEARNING: The most important reason I chose to homeschool was simply that our values about learning were quite different from those of the public schools.
#2. INSTRUCTION: Instruction represents the manner in which activities, events, and information within the learning environment are arranged in order to make sure the students learn what the instruction intends and home schooling provides a greater variety and scope.
#3. TIME: If I had to pick one phrase that ┬ácommunicates why I homeschool, it would simply be “so much of what is going on in a public school is a waste of time.”
#4. FUN: It is simply fun to see my kids enjoy learning and it is so fun to spend quality time together as a family.

With that understanding it is quite easy to put my friends and family at ease and then it is up to them to decide how they feel about homescholing…

How did you explain your decision to your family and friends?

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