Cute Halloween Ideas

Oct 22

Cute Halloween Ideas

Black & White Painted Pumpkins

Savannah stylist Liz Demos skipped the carving knife and went straight for a paintbrush to fashion these graphic pumpkins. “With a stark black-and-white palette,” Demos says of her trio of bold designs, “you can make any pattern, even creepy insects, look downright chic.”

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Healthy Halloween Treat

Here is a fun way to have Strawberry Treat for your Kids on Halloween. You only need fresh strawberries, white chocolate and dark chocolate chips.

First, melt white chocolate and dip your strawberries. You can put the dipped strawberries into fridge to harden the white chocolate covering faster. After about 5 minutes take the strawberries out of the fridge and attach two small chocolate chips as eyes and put it back in the fridge.

In the mean time melt a small amount of dark chocolate chips. Once the white chocolate hardens, take the strawberries out and finish decorating with dark chocolate circles for mouths.


Get double duty out of your jack-o’-lantern by using it as a glowing candy bowl. Choose a large pumpkin, and find a jar that will fit inside. Remove the pumpkin’s stem, and trace the bottom of the jar on the top of the pumpkin. Following this outline, cut the top off the pumpkin, making the hole slightly larger than the outline to allow easy jar entry. Scrape out seeds and innards, thinning rind to about 1 inch thick, and, with a small keyhole saw, cut a jagged edge into the top of the pumpkin.

Here is how


Candy Jar Treats

A selection of sunny sweets is even more tempting when displayed in glass containers with cheerful labels.

It is really easy to make. Here is how.


For more Fun Halloween Ideas please visit our Pinterest Halloween Ideas Board. All ideas listed there are kids friendly, we do not like creepy and scary stuff either.

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