How to Create a Magnetic Lunch Chart

Aug 10

How to Create a Magnetic Lunch Chart

Back-to-school time is upon us. Whether you are homeshooling or sending your child to school, your child may be more likely to eat the lunch if he/she helps choose the menu. When you use a magnetic chart to map out the meals for the week, it saves time and helps make grocery shopping easier.

It is so simple to create. Here is how.

List of things you need:

1. Printer

2. 2 Magnetic sheets

3. Scisors

Just download and print the magnetic chart onto a full-size magnet sheet.

Before you print the food name labels, click on each box on a chart, and type your child’s favorite foods directly into our template. Type up to 2 lines,13 characters per line in each box. Print out the boxes on another magnet sheet. (You can also print out the blank template onto regular printer paper, and in the food names in permanent marker.) Cut out the rectangles, and use them along with our chart to plan your child’s lunches. food name label Template

Together, come up with a variety of sandwiches, fruits, healthy snacks, and desserts; then print them out and let the child fill in the blanks.


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