How to Create a Binder for the Homeschool Student

Jul 06

How to Create a Binder for the Homeschool Student

Creating a binder for each homeschool student in your home is an easy way to stay organized through the school year. A master binder for each student will help you keep lesson plans and work in order.

The main concept behind the binders is having children record what they’re learning. This will assist them in retaining the information, as well as seeing their progress.  Also, all lessons and current work completed are in one place and available at a glance.

To create a student binder you will need:

  • A 3 ring binder, preferable three inches wide , with a clear view cover
  • Computer and printer
  • Subject dividers
  • Paper
  • Sheet Protectors

1. Once you have found a binder for each child, the very first thing to do is let each child design a cover page. The cover image can be anything they like or anything that helps them personalize their binder. Make sure that you put their name and grade/or year on each picture as well.

They can make a picture with crayons or they can create it on the computer with graphics or clip art. If your child is too young to use the computer,  let them choose the clip art for fun.

After printing out their cover, insert it into the clear view slip on the front of the binder. If the binder has a back side clear slip, you can place educational helps, such as the alphabet or multiplication tables, for easy access reference for your student.

2.  Organize your lesson plans on an at-a-glance chart for each subject and place them in the binder along with each subject divider (print your subject dividers  here).  As you complete each  lesson, you can write in the date completed and you will have an instant record keeping system as well.

3. Family School Curriculum creates a schedule that will allow you to connect with many others who are using that same schedule. This schedule facilitates a wonderful opportunity to connect, share ideas, and be supported by one another using our free network.

We recommend one of two schedules. Of course, you can easily create your own schedule, too. Weekly Rotation Schedule or Unit Rotation Schedule. Find out about how each schedule works here

Note: If you have a high school student  and if you are keeping credit hours, you can easily adapt these into transcripts for college.

4. Other resources you may want in each binder are: a calendar, binder dictionary, educational helps, required book lists, library lists and frequently used websites etc. Put it all in the in the back of each binder for a quick reference. The point is to help make studying and homework as efficient as possible.

5. The nice thing about master binders is that it helps you and the student to think ahead and stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish throughout the year.

Your kids will be excited to show off their binders for all to see their creativity and hard work. It will also create a reference for them and you of how much they learned and progressed that year.


Do you have any experience using a Master Binder for homeschooling? Share your story with us here



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