Computer – the Best Invention Ever

Jul 11

Computer – the Best Invention Ever

What we consider to be the first design for a computer was invented by the Englishman, Charles Babbage, in 1834. It was designed to quickly (and cheaply, and correctly) complete numerical tables and numerical data need by mathematicians, marine navigators, and scientists. It was to be powered by hand using a waist-high hand crank handle and would have been approximately six feet tall by ten feet wide. (Pretty big for a calculator.)

From the beginning of time humans have been trying to figure out how to use tools to do things faster, bigger, and better. Babbage’s ideas sent a slew of inventors off to the drawing board to figure out machines that could compute. Of course Babbage could never have imagined all of the benefits of computers today.

Here are some benefits of computers:

1. It is quicker and easier to research topics, making both general and specific learning and information about current events available to almost everyone as opposed to the elite few.

2. It allows for a creation of a global community of people with similar interests.

3. It is a fast and easy communication tool, allowing you to communicate with hundreds of friends at once (example Facebook), thousands of fans at once (example Twitter), and millions of followers at once (example or just one or two buddies across the globe (example Skype).

4. It allows for unlimited business potential and business purchasing and selling reach.

5. It allows instant access to medical knowledge and computers are used by doctors so often that new doctors coats are now made with an Ipad shaped pocket.

6. It aids creativity: making music and music scores, graphic arts, and many more projects more interesting, in-depth and exciting.

7. It allows users to download music, movies, books, and artwork instantly.

8. It can make writing, editing, and revising easier with cut, paste, and save functions.

9. It allows people to do accounting, taxes, and other mathematical functions in record time.

10. It can store a great deal of material in a small space.

11.Computers are an essential part of many other tools: medical equipment, cars, GPS, rockets, robots, etc.

These are just some of the advantages we are now accustomed to.

Computers are often considered one of the best invention in history, not just because of all the wonderful things they can do and the great improvements they have made in our lives but because of our relationship to them. Nowdays it is very rare that people go even a few hours without checking the computer on their phone. Their computer is their buddy and it is literally attached to a  hip.

We’ve come a long way since 1834. It was about 100 years later when Konrad Zuse inventedthe first programmable computer.

All the way through the 1960’s most computers were about the size of an entire classroom. Thanks to microprocessors, now we can wear a computer in our watch.


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