Civil War celebrations from the home state of Abraham Lincoln

Nov 07

Civil War celebrations from the home state of Abraham Lincoln

Wish we could attend the Civil War musical program!  We spent part of our summer with Rob Moffitt as cast members in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Don’t touch his drapes!!!

Also, our cabin is within spittin’ distance of the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.  Hodgenville, Kentucky, the one state, of all the states in the United States, with the most Civil War irony, is just outside our branch boundaries.  We drive there over hill and holler.

Our family has been celebrating the Kentucky 150th Commemoration of the Civil War for a long time with concerts, pickin’ sessions, Civil War dancing, debates and lectures, one-person shows, to name a few.  We have also participated in a number of Civil War reenactments.

A few years ago, our youngest son was outfitted to be the personal aid to the Union general in one reenactment on the Ohio River. Our boy is quiet and thoughtful. He was very attentive to the general as the battle progressed.  The Confederate army started across the pasture towards the Union guns and canons.  Shots were fired.  Men fell.  One advance. A second advance. More.

After about thirty minutes or so, the general sent his young aid (our son) around the barn into a grove of trees to solicit the assistance of another battalion.  He was encouraged to hurry.

About ten minutes went by.  It was clear that the Union forces would not survive.  And they didn’t.  As the sound faded away along with the smoke from the canons, and men in blue and gray lay strewn across the field, my heart was so heavy I started to weep. I was not alone. Then as I looked around for Jonathan, it slowly dawned on me that the general had saved our son’s life. He had sent him away when defeat was imminent.

In the silence that accompanied the end of the battle, our son raced back with the tragic news. “There is no help!  I can’t find the help!” He slowed down, looking frantically everywhere even through the spectators for someone to receive his dispatch.  Then he saw his commander down, looked over the quiet fields, and he started to cry–totally unaware that the enactment was fairly over.

What an experience.

Enjoy your Civil War concert, and please send us a video!

Annette Fugal, Music Author of The Family School

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