AP Music Theory Online Course

Aug 27

American Heritage School offers one of the few online AP Music Theory courses available anywhere in the world. Taught by Mr. Rob Swenson, Director of the American Heritage Youth Chorus, 100% of his students (6 of 6) passed with a score of 3 or higher last year—the first year the course was offered.  The video below gives you a glimpse into this highly successful and very well designed course:

Course Flyer: https://american-heritage.org/Content/ManagedDocs/AP_Music_Theory_ad.pdf

Course Syllabus: https://american-heritage.org/Content/ManagedDocs/AP%20Music%20Theory%20Syllabus%20Online.pdf

Course Registration: https://american-heritage.org/CourseCatalog/Product?id=411

We invite you to enroll a high-school-age musician, or share this information with one today!

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