AHS Spring Clean Up

May 23

AHS Spring Clean Up

AHS Spring Clean Up

After a long winter, gardeners everywhere have much work to do to clean up and prepare for the spring season. Removing winter-kill and old annuals and pruning dead branches promotes clean growing conditions and prepares the grounds for beautiful spring flowers. The grounds at our school are no different.

This Spring we had our annual AHS Spring Clean Up where parents and children came to help us make our grounds beautiful. It was so wonderful to see so many families working together on Saturday Morning.

In addition to Spring Clean Up outside many volunteered to help in our AHS Library as well.  With the end of School Year approaching we really appreciated all the helping hands that helped us Cataloging, scanning inventory and much more.

Your might ask “Why are Service Hours Required at your school?”

At American Heritage School, service-learning is regular classroom fare. This is so because the school embraces the concept that service-learning creates meaningful growth and memories for those involved.

Service-learning requirements apply to everyone in the American Heritage School community, including students and parents.  All families attending the school are asked to complete 30 hours of service to the school per year.  This translates to approximately one hour per week, although parents and students may also work in more consolidated times to accomplish the task.

Although the school benefits from this service, families also benefit.  Parents draw closer to their children, other families, and their children’s teachers as they spend time serving on campus. The family benefits constitute the primary reasons for the requirement.

Additionally, more than 20 of the school’s graduating seniors (Class of 2012) recently served on an LDS-owned and operated cattle ranch in Fairfield, Utah.  During just a couple of hours, students mended about one mile of barbed-wire fence, dug postholes, and mended gates.  Rachel Breaux, a senior student said, “Serving on the ranch was really fun. I learned much about ranches and the LDS Church Welfare System that I did not know before.”

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