AHS Receives National Award for Patriotic Program

Jun 25

AHS Receives National Award for Patriotic Program


Mr. Cornell impersonates a revolutionary war soldier during one of many celebrations at AHS that involve period dress — an important aspect of our school culture that helps students to identify with one of the school’s mission objectives to “develop a love, understanding, and appreciation for America and the Founding Fathers.”


On February 20, the Utah Chapter of the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge awarded to American Heritage School the 2013 National George Washington Medal of Honor. The award was made in recognition of the school’s Patriotic Program. “We invited Mr. Cornell and Mr. Hunsaker to accept the award on behalf of the school,” said Mr. Beckwith.

“Of course, the award was for the entire school community, with gratitude to the many who have gone before us, as we celebrate together a mission and cause worth promoting and defending.”

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