AHS Family School and DE Invite: Opening Assembly

Aug 29

AHS Family School and DE Invite: Opening Assembly

What a great time we had with a few families who were able to join us for the 2012/13 first day of school Opening Assembly at American Heritage School. We enjoyed have the Anderson, Allred, and Nyberg families to watch the flag ceremony, prayer around the flag pole, singing patriotic songs, and of course, the canyon to announce to the beginning of a new school year!

The cannon you see in the picture was actually built by our fifth grade teacher Mr. Cornell, who is an expert in American History.

As the year goes on we will continue to invite families and students to events, activities, competitions, sports, and more.  We’d love to offer a more blended learning experience for our homeschool and distance education students if they are nearby. We’ll do the best we can to post these experiences online for the enjoyment and benefit of those that are further away.

Here’s a short video of the event.  Thank you again for joining us and we hope to have more of you in the near future.

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