LDL NEWS RELEASE: 2017 LDL Retreat Announcements

Mar 08

LDL NEWS RELEASE: 2017 LDL Retreat Announcements

Read more about our Strategic Plan as announced last Saturday, March 4, at the 5th Annual Latter-day Learning Retreat. We have some exciting news and ambitious goals. The next version of TheFamilySchoolOnline.org will be accompanied with tools that will help members be more successful. By improving the way you interact with and adapt content specific to your needs, interests, and philosophies; your learning experiences and outcomes will improve. By improving the ways and opportunities you have to interact and support each other, you will experience greater peace and success in your journey. By improving training resources and opportunities, you will be more prepared and more confident in yourself in your role teacher. Please review the following to learn more about The Future of TheFamilySchoolOnline.org.


You’re Latter-day Learning Team

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